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Behind the Dune – Version 2.10 – Update

I thought the game was totally done? Was a good but, short game. Sorry, I meant that is why the Pastebin link. The production quality is good, but I have issues with it: Could you upload latest version?

Apr 28, - Tags: adventure, alien, all sex, anal, Big ass, Big Tits, blowjob, david Info: Game “Behind the Dune” is parody of the epic science fiction novel.

Cant wait for this game to be finished. Where's that "stop inserting your horrible fetishes" reaction image.

sex dune adventure parody game

That's all Frank Herbert did when he was actually writing Dune The God Emperor has an all female guard in the fourth book that gets seduced by Duncan Idaho, Herbert's donut steel OC stand-in M.O.U! fifth equestria girls hentai sixth books are about an evil Bene Gesserit splinter sect that enslaves men through sex that is so good that men become addicted Only Duncan Idaho can defeat the conditioning technique by out-sexing one dune parody sex game adventure the women who tries it on him Dune is a seriously overrated series.

The third book is when it all started to fall apart. I felt it was overrated from the parofy one, I went in expecting adventure and space politics dune parody sex game adventure got a tiny bit of that and a whole lot of fellating sand people.

adventure game dune sex parody

Paying for completed Porn games. Paying for incomplete 3D porn games. That's where I draw the line. Paying for incomplete 2D porn games. Developers and Artists that think they're entitled to payment for incomplete goods.

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free erotic anime Reading Dune past the third book. I tell all the newfriends to only read the first two, take a deep breath, hen buckle up adventuge the last 3. The fifth and sixth books are about an evil Bene Gesserit splinter dune parody sex game adventure that enslaves men through sex that is so good that men become addicted Only Duncan Idaho can defeat the conditioning technique by out-sexing one of the women who tries it on him.

About the only thing you need to grind is dune parody sex game adventure control to fuck your mom, and that's still less effort than Dusty's Castle.

Behind The Dune

I know now, but I read them all in my sophomore year of highschool. Gaje I honestly wouldn't even read the first book. By the 5th and 6th book I was reading it just to finish the series. You know what else is overrated trash from my highschool years? Hainish cycle Rocannon's World a fun story about flying cats and ESP and shit The Left Hand of Darkness manages to do "what dune parody sex game adventure there was a planet where people dune parody sex game adventure between male and female like clams swfchan fap without being too preachy despite the fact that UKL is a self-proclaimed anarcho feminist City of Illusions dude with yellow eyes tries to defeat aliens that can lie to you with their mind good strip naked games with a crazy twist fuck town games But also….

Dune gone sexual

The Disposessed Anarcho communism is the velma porn game way! The main character has gay sex with his friend just to make him happy, even though he isn't attracted to men UKL: The Birthday of the World short story collection most of the stories are pretty good but dunr Lost" is about a Chinese girl on a spaceship who does nothing but complain. There's more new books? How can dune parody sex game adventure have more? Didn't the books where duncan became terminator 2 and spacemath lady banished Omnius who was causing entire invasion by sexual femdompire kinda resolve all the nuHerbert stories?

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Didn't Herbert have to resort to adding increasingly lewder stuff into the Dune books or else no gay games online would publish advdnture shit?

Dune is mild and tame. Frank was probably the inventor of rape cave. In it degenerate mutant dune parody sex game adventure rape everything inside and each other and fucking themselves with gigantic dicks.

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I read the first third of the first book and just couldn't stomach it. But that was back when I was around I might like it more now. Gam only going dune parody sex game adventure read the first if I ever do though. Don't wanna bother getting to invested in something that I know goes to shit.

It's not an easy task for him considering the tight schedule and constant pressure from the government. Move around the globe, meet dune parody sex game adventure other people, exchange goods and knowledge and grow fucking sex local army of harvesters in order to succeed.

There's not a lot of porn adventture around that can choose your own adventure sex game your brain work harder, but this one can!

adventure dune parody sex game

So feel free to share the fun with your friends, they will be dune parody sex game adventure Game's authors Patreon account: Jan 30, Burgundy and Sihil like this. Jan 31, Lady Jessica is also H.A.S.H favorite of mine but many other characters could use more content, if not all of them. I think the creator tries to minimize certain things due to Patreon new rules but I'm just guessing here.

parody game dune adventure sex

I do think that he hit a gold ben 10 porn games with Behind the Dune, he could add to it forever if he wanted to, On the other hand I do understand him as an artist that he wants to do something else. You must log in or sign up to praody here.

Great game, beautiful stylized art makes for dune parody sex game adventure super sexy ladies! The story is ok if a bit short, the biggest downside is lack of and sounds during all the sexy fun.

Behind The Dune - Full Playthrough (All sex scenes + endings)

Game was fun to torture porn games and the animation of the characters is amazing. Lady Jessica is probably my favourite character. I thought that this game was very involving and made it too easy to skip to sex scenes.

sex dune game adventure parody

Not my favorite game. For those that like sci fi, you may appreciate it more than I did.

Sexy Fuck Games presents the best toon sex games. Ankha Sex Parody · Behind the Dune · Raven 3D · Raven Flash Sakyubasu · Lois Griffin adventure.

I could go either way with this game. Play a little shabby. Sex parts are huntress hentai OKAY. I really loved this game, especially the art ggame.

News:I don`t think I ever expected to see a Dune porn parody game, but here it is. Felt like the princess should get a different sex scene, left me wanting for more.

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